Talent - Technology - Transformation
12th October 2023 at T Hub, Hitech City, Hyderabad
 Date:  12th October
Venue:  T-Hub, Hitech
city Hyderabad
 Date:  2nd November
Venue:  Leela Palace,
 Date:  22nd November
Venue:  Hyatt Regency,
 Date: 2nd December
Venue:  The Lalit , Delhi








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Unraveling the Complex Matrix of Talent and Technology: Mastering the Digital Transformation Puzzle

ITTL'23: A groundbreaking multicity rendezvous of thought leaders and industry experts from academia and skilling companies delve into the profound Impact of Automation & AI on the Talent Ecosystem. Join us for enlightening dialogues, idea exchanges, and the creation of robust connections that will shape the future of tech innovation.

Conference Agenda


  • Panel Discussion 1

    Disruption to Innovation: How AI and Automation Are Reshaping Talent Management.
    AI and automation are revolutionizing industries by optimizing tasks, lowering costs, and facilitating swift, accurate decision-making. They are now not merely tools for increasing efficiency or replacing human labor, these advancements are transforming traditional roles and fostering strategic alliances between technology and talent. Businesses must adapt their talent management strategies to thrive in this era of digital disruption. This panel discussion will delve into how AI and automation are redefining talent management, enabling smarter business decisions, and unveiling unprecedented growth opportunities.

  • Panel Discussion 2

    Future of Education & Employability in the AI & Automation Era.
    The symbiotic relationship between technological advancement and education is crucial, as it shapes the necessary skills and competencies fostering innovation and the creation of a desirable technological future. While AI has revolutionized various sectors globally, education remains largely unaffected despite being the second-largest sector. There exists a significant lag between education and technology, with changing job nature putting employability at risk. The rapid evolution of automation and AI leaves little time for governments, businesses, and educational institutions to adapt. Thus, the urgency to devise strategies predicting future job-market trends relating to automation and AI in education is paramount. This panel discussion aims to pinpoint crucial steps to secure the future of education in the dynamic landscape of automation and AI. It focuses on bridging the gap between education and technology, thereby fostering employability and equal opportunities across the talent landscape.

  • Panel Discussion 3

    Developing the In-Demand Skills for Future of Work.
    The dynamic nature of today's job market underscores the importance of continuous learning and skill development. As technology advances and artificial intelligence and automation disrupt traditional job roles, the necessity for comprehensive and adaptable skills-building programs is paramount. Notably, experts suggest that 85% of jobs that will exist in 2030 are currently unknown. Our upcoming panel discussion aims to address critical questions that arise from these realities, such as:
    • Can a skilled workforce maintain pace with AI and Automation?
    • Will current learning structures evolve to meet the changing skill demands and future workplace expectations?
    • Can we anticipate the emergence of new skilling programs for developing future in-demand skills?
    • How prepared are we to equip a significant population with the skills needed for future job roles?.

EVENT Agenda

12th Oct Hyderabad

  • 1
    Lamp Lighting & Inaugural Keynote Address

    Setting the Context for ITTL ‘23

  • 2
    Panel Discussion 1

    Disruption to Innovation: How AI and Automation Are Reshaping Talent Management

  • Engagement Beyond Talent
  • 3
    Panel Discussion 2

    Future of Education & Employability in the AI & Automation Era

  • 4
    AI-THON Presentations

    Presentations from the Top 5 Ideas from AI-THON

  • Lunch and exclusive networking
  • 5
    Fireside Chat / Quiz Competitions
  • 6
    Panel Discussion 3

    Developing In-Demand Skills for the Future of Work

  • Talent beyond technology
  • 7
    Round Table Discussion

    100+ Campus Hiring Leaders Industry/ Corporate & Placement Head(university /institution)

  • 8
    Awards & Recognition

    Talent Awards, Startup Awards & Equal Opportunity Enabler Awards

  • Closing Ceremony

The distinguished Speakers

Executive Board Members

Dr. Syed Maqbool Ahmed

Ex- ISRO (Chandrayaan 1) , Ex- NASA,
Principal Payload Scientist XDLINX Lab

Dr S M Ahmed is an Ex-ISRO and Ex-NASA scientist who is well known for having worked in Chandrayaan-1 mission as core science team member which discovered water on Moon for the first time.He also carries the distinction of being a trained spectroscopist who has worked on Laboratory simulation experiments on Planetary atmospheres and Nuclear Fusion. He is also a motivation speaker and a science populariser who has given 2 TEDx Talks. Presently he is developing a small satellite for agricultural applications which aides in farmers plight against crop lose.

Zero-Error Syndrome AI Hackathon.
Where only Precision is Permissible!
Develop an AI-powered application that significantly reduces the risk of human errors in a high-stakes environment where zero mistakes are acceptable.
2 Lakh+
1st Prize
2nd Prize
3rd Prize

Talent Beyond TECHNOLOGY

Witness Beyond Talent - Human Intelligence Creating Spellbound Illusions

Javed Khan

Winner of India's Got Talent Season 8 and Big Celebrity Challenge

Get ready to be tickled to laughter as the master ventriloquist

Vighnesh Pande

and his mischievous puppet Anna take the stage at ITTLS'23!

As seen on - The Great Indian Laughter Challenge India’s Laughter Champion The Happy Hour

Why Attend?

Who should attend?

  • Chief Human Resources Officers (CHROs) and HR Leaders
  • Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) and Managing Directors (MDs)
  • Chief Learning Officers (CLOs) and Heads of Learning and Development
  • Directors, Vice Presidents, and Heads of Total Rewards, Employee Experience, and HR Technology
  • Academics, University Vice Chancellors, University Chancellors, and Deans
  • Directors and Heads of Talent Management, as well as Talent Development Leaders
  • Policymakers, Thinkers, Educationists, Ed-Tech Leaders

4 Cities, 3 Panels and 100s of Industry Experts.
Are you ready?

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